Android App

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I have just uploaded the Yard Sale Treasure Map Android App (v1.2) to the Android market. This has been a rocky start since I do not yet own an Android, which makes it extremely difficult to properly test the thing. … Continued

Mobile Devices

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A few months ago I released a mobile web page version of YSTM that you would be re-directed to if you use a mobile device to access this site.  To my surprise, very few people are taking advantage of this … Continued

Sale Advertisements and YSTM Mobile

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Despite most of the country being in yard sale hibernation, I have been hard at work on the site. I have finally posted a feature that will let you advertise your sale directly on YSTM.  Of course if you are … Continued

Adding Sales… And Sharing Them!

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Up until this point users could add non-craigslist yard sales to their map using the “Add Location” search feature (which can also be used to map other useful stops like coffee or bathroom breaks).  This information would be exclusive to … Continued