Yard Sale Treasure Map provides free tools to help coordinate large community and neighborhood sale events. The sale administrator accesses a private webpage with a spreadsheet where participating household information can be entered. As addresses are added they are instantly included in sample map as seen below. Sales can be added, removed, or adjusted at any time. Fill out the form to get started.

Administrator spreadsheet webpage

Before the Event

Planning these big events can be a challenge, but we’ve got you covered with mapping media! Once participating sales are entered the event administrator has access to a number of media generation options to help organize the sale.

First, an Administrator should collect addresses and sale descriptions for participating sales. This tool does not support Excel or CSV importing, but information can be copied and pasted quickly. As addresses are added, the map below the spreadsheet will populate with sale markers.

The map will save automatically, but you should bookmark this page for later so you do not lose your work.


Sale participants wishing to include photos in their post can do so by filling out the Post a Sale form directly. This will override the address entry in the Administrator spreadsheet – webpage and media (described below) will remain complete and show all addresses AND photos will appear in the app. The system will take care of the duplicate entry for you automatically.

Webpages and Media

A number of webpage options exist for the Administrator to use as media or to send out to buyers ahead of the event. As sales are added to the spreadsheet three private webpages are instantly available for use.

Participant Dot Map

A dot map of participating address can be adjusted and used in your own advertising media.

Brochure Webpage

A printable brochure contains numbered map markers, address information, and sale details. This can be provided as a resource link to buyers ahead of the sale or printed out as information media at the event.

Marker Webpage

A private webpage is generated for the event. This page is viewable on both desktop and mobile browsers, making this perfect to share over Facebook, email, or embedded within an event webpage.

Selecting the marker bubble opens sale details in a new browser window. If viewing on a mobile device, selecting the app icon at the bottom directs the user to the App Store or Google Play to download the app.

During the Event

You’ve done the work of coordinating with the sellers, gathering the sale information, and getting the word out. Now it’s time to help buyers navigate your awesome sale.

QR Codes

The easiest way to help initiate sale visitors is using a QR code so buyers can immediately snap a photo and instantly view your webpage or download the app without any fuss. Here’s an example where the Rice Military Community Sale created signs with a QR code at the upper left. The QR code can direct you to any webpage, so this can be the link to download the app, or to one of the media webpages described above. Use a QR code generator like this one to generate the QR image.

In this case buyers are directed to the brochure webpage. No need to print out a ton of paper brochures — buyers can more conveniently use their mobile phones on the spot!

This numbered map lists each participant address and description in one easy-to-read webpage. Information for downloading the app is available at the bottom of the page when scrolled fully.

The Apps for iOS and Android

While at the actual event the most convenient way for buyers to navigate is using the Yard Sale Treasure Map app. While the mapped sales are not exclusive to your event, the features and flexibility of the app will greatly improve the experience of the buyers navigating your neighborhood. Buyers can see sale addresses relative to their GPS location, perform text searching for relevant sales, mark sales of interest to visit, and initiate turn-by-turn directions.

The App
The App after route planning

Getting Started

Hundreds of massive community sales are organized with Yard Sale Treasure Map every year. There is no catch — this is a free and easy-to-use tool provided for the benefit of users of the Yard Sale Treasure Map app for the past 8 years or so. Fill out the form to get started.