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A few months ago I released a mobile web page version of YSTM that you would be re-directed to if you use a mobile device to access this site.  To my surprise, very few people are taking advantage of this feature! This mobile web page is everything that the YSTM iPhone app is, but you do not need to download anything and it can be accessed from other non-Apple devices (like Android, Palm, Windows Mobile, etc).  If you have a modern smart phone, YSTM will even take advantage of your phone’s GPS capabilities.  See the comparison below of the iPhone app versus the YSTM mobile web page:

iPhone App Mobile Web Site

Maybe there are not as many iPhone and Androids out there as I thought.  But if you or someone you know has a fancy mobile phone (iPhone, Android, or otherwise), take it with you on Saturday morning!  Take a peak every so often at the map.  When you find a nearby sale that meets your fancy, you can get instant directions to that sale.  Call this ad-hoc yardsaling!

Additionally, most people jump on to YSTM and create their map on Friday.  This is a great time to do your planning, but I can tell you that my yard sale database jumps another 25% in size during the wee hours of Friday evening and Saturday morning.  For this reason I worry that many of you are missing out on some great yard sales from those procrastinating yard sale hosts!  If you have your mobile phone with you on Saturday you may still catch these late breaking yard sales without missing out!

19 Responses

  1. John Westra

    Congratulations on your creation of a truly useful and people-friendly application for both PC’s and mobile devices! This is the type of community-building application I love to see.

    As a locally elected community leader, I’ve found garage sales are a great way to get out and meet the people I serve. Your application makes it easy for me to do that.

    This garage sale season I will also be using YSTM on my new HTC Droid Incredible. I’ll make sure and spread the word, by showing everyone how great the Yard Sale Treasure Map for mobile devices works!


    John Westra, MCP,CCP
    Ada Township Trustee

  2. Sandy

    Officially: this is worth paying for. Thanks for making it happen.

  3. Sandy

    You made it into Real Simple magazine page 66, May 2011. Cool!

  4. Rob Pratt

    Your mobile app for iphone is crap. Spent 30 minutes making a route on the laptop and it is completely unusable on the phone. Keep working on it

  5. admin

    I’m sorry this free tool was not useful to you. A more descriptive review would tell me what needs to be improved.

  6. Cindy

    Saw your site mentioned in good housekeeping. Love your site. Thanks

  7. Kyle

    Please add Kijiji, I beg you, I love this app but most list with Kijiji in my area.


  8. admin

    I have just added Kijiji for parts of Canada so you should hopefully start to see more sales on your map next week.

  9. Kyle

    One of the Few apps I would be willing to pay for, and its Free!!!!

    I saw the pop up on the sight about Kijiji being added but no go for me yet in Kamloops BC Canada 🙁

    ps batchgeo got nothing on you

    pps Admin Please email me, I have some private questions for you.


  10. Emily

    Just found this app and website, and they are AWESOME! However, the iphone app does keep freezing up. But I can do what I have to on the website until the app problems are resolved. Hopefully by spring time! Thank you!!!

  11. Randee

    My iPad app is not showing the list. Only the map and I can’t expand the listings to see the ad. Help!

  12. admin

    Please turn your pad to landscape to see the listings.

  13. Rachel

    Love the site so far!!! I have an iPhone and can’t find how to add my local e-newspaper classified yard sales. Can you point me on the right direction??

  14. admin

    Please try the “Add Sales” tab on the left side of the website to add other sales. You will need to copy and paste each address over, verify the date, then hit the “Add” button. I am working on a spreadsheet tool to make this process easier which I can hopefully have ready for next week.

  15. Sharon

    I can’t add sales. I use the “add sales” button and enter all the info but I get a “stopped unexpectedly” message. I still have to use my laptop to enter sales, print out the map, and write out a list of addresses to match the numbers on the map. Better than sticky notes on a map, but still a hassle. I’m going to try entering the added sales on my laptop and see if they come up on my android phone.