This fall (2009) I will have more time to work on new features for YSTM.

The most immediate improvements I plan to make are:

1) Adding a search feature to keyword search the active sales on the map
2) Adding support for Australia and the U.K.

If you have ideas for certain features I would love to hear them!

10-10-09 – I have received lots of great comments and feedback.  I am temporarily suspending this section so that I can spend time fixing problems and adding some of the requested features.  Some features will be added next week, others you may not see until the start of next year’s yard sale season.  Here is my to do list in no particular order:

  • Add Wednesday to day filter
  • Remove the ad on the map
  • Make the “add address” feature more usable
  • Add support for Garmin GPS
  • Figure out “Less than 20” bug when there are already less than 20 markers
  • Implement a creative way to let users adjust incorrect sale mappings
  • Ensure that community / neighborhood sales show up and stand out