Yard Sale Treasure Map is a crowd-sourcing app that helps you plan, organize, and navigate your yard sale route.

Sellers can add listings with photos and app users can share other sales they find to create the most complete local yard sale map possible each week.

The Route to Success


Use this app to plan your yard sale adventure ahead of time. Search using location and keyword, create a route, mark with colors, perform route optimization, and visualize sales you have viewed or visited in the past. Get to more sales earlier and faster.


Once you set out the app will:

  • help you navigate your route
  • display new sales near you
  • show star ratings for ongoing sales


Yard Sale Treasure Map is the original app for finding nearby yard sales. Since 2008 this app has been the go-to tool for professionals and hobbyist treasure hunters to search, organize, and plan weekly yard sale adventures across the US and Canada.

This app is unique because of its focus on shoppers. Shoppers can contribute sale content in your area to make the most complete weekly map possible. Sellers can also list sales here! Creating a free listing directly on this platform will drive more buyers to your driveway. We also support free tools to help you get your community yard sale organized.

The Yard Sale Treasure Map app for iOS and Android is free to download and use. The app finds sales near you and and provides intuitive organizational features to help you plan your treasure hunt. View sales based on location or keyword, or simply swipe through the ads to see what’s for sale this week. Create a sale route and send navigation instructions to Google Maps, Waze, or Apple Maps.

Advanced features are available with a $5 yearly subscription, which includes extra location, day, and keyword search features, real-time driving-mode functionality, route optimization of up to 25 sales, sale viewed checkmarks, sale history notes, and more. See the tutorial images for detailed features descriptions and the YouTube channel for short how-to videos.

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