Make the Most Out of Your Yard Sale Sign

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by Rachel Wentz – Instagram @greyvintagefinds

A yard sale is an effective way to unload items that you do not use anymore. These could be items stashed away in a box you haven’t looked in for a couple of years, or they could simply be items you’ve outgrown (clothes, housewares, etc). But getting the right people, or more importantly a lot of people, to show up should be your number one goal! 

For decades I have frequented weekend yard sales for reselling, presents for friends and family, personal use, and my collections. So, because I have done my fair share of buying, reselling, and digging through boxes in hopes of finding that one magical treasure that will make my day; I’ve driven around the country and noticed a few things about yard sale signs that could make or break your sale.

Here are my few tips for getting the most out of your yard sale sign so you can get those buyers, and move that stuff.

1. Choose the Right Look for your Sign

Neon colored signs are always the best. Every time I see a sign stapled to a phone post, or taped to a street sign, it is the neon-colored ones that get my attention- green and pink are the most popular! But if you cannot find those colors, many dollar stores sell the classic Yard Sale signs. Consistency in your sign color choice is key. Cardboard boxes cut up for signage are good as well, but try to stay away from using white paper.

When writing on your sign:

  • The bigger and bolder the letters are the better; especially if you are placing your signs on a busy road
  • Thin letters on brightly colored paper don’t always come across as readable
  • Keep your sign simple

You don’t have to write everything your yard sale has to offer on your sign. Sometimes, just the words YARD SALE written big and bold with an arrow pointing in the direction of your sale, is all the buyer needs to know. I’m sure I’ve missed out on a bunch of great sales when I’m stopped at a traffic light because 1. the yard sale sign is too tiny, 2. the lettering is too thin, or 3. there is just too much info on it and there’s not enough time for me to read it or get out to take a picture. 

2. Placement

  • Utilize Stop Signs, telephone posts, trees, etc for posting your signs. 
  • Keep signs at eye level, or if you must place them in the ground- make sure you are not putting your sign in the ground next to a bunch of other competing distractions (trees, other non-yard sale signs, buildings, etc). 
  • Remember to respect other people’s property when you are taping, stapling, nailing, or posting a sign in or on things that are not yours. 
  • Ask for permission, if possible, before posting any signs outside of your own property.

Don’t use just one sign, either! Remember being consistent with your sign color? Buy a couple of sheets of that same colored neon poster paper, or cut up that one sheet a few times for multiple signs. Place your signs at major intersections, directing buyers to your sale. Also, put something in your yard to attract those buyers once they’ve reached your road. A sign in your yard or balloons on your roadside mailbox is a good sign for a buyer that they have reached your sale. 

At the end of your yard sale day or weekend, remember where you posted your signs and take them down to avoid fines and littering. There is nothing worse for a buyer than seeing a yard sale sign, following it, and then learning that the yard sale was LAST Saturday, and not THIS Saturday. 

3. Advertising

Signs are not the only thing you can do to advertise your sale. In this age of digital technology and social media, utilize those platforms!  Facebook, Nextdoor, or any yard sale/thrifting app like Yard Sale Treasure Map! Many buyers use these apps to plan their adventures, so post pictures of items that you will have up for sale, or take a picture of your set up to entice buyers to come.  Your description of your sale is also very important. Use yard sale key words.  Visit your community’s message boards or newsletters, as well as online apps like Yard Sale Treasure Map, to note the words and descriptions that grabbed your attention and made you want to check out their sale.