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Despite most of the country being in yard sale hibernation, I have been hard at work on the site.

I have finally posted a feature that will let you advertise your sale directly on YSTM.  Of course if you are posting your sales to craigslist, your sales will show up on YSTM anyway, but I have added sticky notes to the right of the map to highlight specific sales (and give those sales a different marker on the map to stand out better).  This idea stems directly from user comments to advertise their neighborhood sales and flea markets so thank you for your input!

I have also put together a basic mobile version of the YSTM.  When you open YSTM from your mobile device you should be automatically re-directed to this mobile version.  This page is much more friendly to small screens and lower bandwidth, however, presently no fancy features have been added.  It is simply a map with markers, but it will hopefully suffice as a tool to get you from sale to sale in real time.  I will be tweaking the mobile site from time to time to make it as friendly as possible across all mobile devices.

The mobile site has been tested successfully on iPhone and Android.  This may or may not work on Windows Mobile devices depending on what browser you are using.  Unfortunately, mobile Google maps do not work correctly on the Blackberry browser (I’m sure the Blackberry map app works great, but I’m talking about using the Blackberry internet browser to view Google Maps v3 API webpages which is optimized for mobile devices)… we will have to wait for Blackberry to update their browser or for Google to find a work around.

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  1. Leslie Abraham

    Is Craigs list the only site that is used for garage sale mapping? Here in the Ottawa Ontario area, the two most popular classified websites are, and

    Just a thought.

  2. admin

    Yes right now craigslist and are the only sources. I have considered adding Kijiji for our Canadian users, but I haven’t yet had the time. Note that users can add sales from newspapers or other sources directly to using the “Add Sales” tab. It only takes one person in every city to do this once to save everyone else the time.

  3. Darren Smith

    Would like to have you come on my Radio Show and Talk about your app very cool stuff !

    Darren Smith