Community Sale Private Maps

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After many requests, I have finally started working on a way for communities and neighborhoods to map their large-scale yard sales. Community sales have their own private site (using a more interesting and powerful Silverlight map) while all sales are also displayed on the main site, the iPhone app (Yard Sale Mapper), and the Android app (Yard Sale Treasure Map).

If you don’t see the above map, please hit the download silverlight button… you’ll be glad you did!

While I have only agreed to put together these private maps for a few communities this Fall, I intend to polish up this technology over the Winter so everything is good and ready for the Spring yard sale season!

Additionally I plan on updating both mobile apps with search capability as well as a route sharing feature.

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  1. Ken Graham

    I was looking at Google Maps to see if I could do something like this as I have 30 or 40 dropped off and map and create a free by donation map of which a few hundred are picked up each week. Of course I discovered you had already done it – congratulations

    A few comments – its only a fluke I clicked on your “Yard Sale Treasure Map” link I think many might give up before finding the map not realizing those words are a link. I’ve found it most reliable to provide blue underlined links for people to realize they are navigation links – even better start with the important stuff on the first page.

    2nd, adding a location should also include time – for instance the one I added today is only from 8am to 12

    3rd, I was wondering about any copyright issues of photocopying maps for the Garage Sales if I used your site. I have about 300 pick up maps in the summer per weekend but many simply download from what we’ve manually mapped and put online – the only option I can think of to this is if I used my map created here and was able to create a image overlay for my map – if its a issue for use copying bing and google maps.

    Please contact me if there is anything we can do so we or people in our area may use your site which we would add a link to and we photocopy some – in time everyone may just print from home but currently a lot of over 50 people don’t use computers or internet.



  2. Jen

    Would be nice if there is a way to tick it off or colorize it so a person knows they already hit that garage sale, with a community garage sale weekend, one may forget which sale they have already been at. Just a thought to make it easier to use! A listing would be helpful to then so when you select one you are interested in (based on items they are selling), then it would go to the map with marker, is there a way to do a search based on items one is looking for to make them appear?