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Thanks to everyone who reached out with feedback! This was really helpful for planning out where to go from here. Community support has been strong and I remain optimistic. Some of the feedback I expected, but there were a handful of surprises and even some business advice that I found helpful.

I’ll keep this short so I can get back to work– I did want to reach back out to make sure folks understand that the app will continue to evolve. I do not expect Craigslist to change their mind. “Padmapper” is a good case study of a similar capability using a map interface to make it easier to access Craigslist apartment listings. Craigslist eventually told them to stop, but today Padmapper is thriving by transitioning to letting folks post directly to their site. I see a similar path for Yard Sale Treasure Map.

The Plan

1. Let sellers post on the website

I wrapped this one up on Monday. Check it out! It’s nothing fancy, but hopefully clear and to the point and with email verification. Tell your friends.

2. Let sellers add photos to their website posting

Photos are super important and I’ve heard you loud and clear! For my part dealing with photos is much harder than you would expect, especially when tens of thousands of users will be viewing the photos at basically the same time. This feature, which I’m working on now, will let sellers drag and drop photos for their sale on the Post My Sale form. The app will need an update to make the photos viewable, so you’ll know when this feature is available. My goal is to have this working by next weekend (3/27/21).

3. Advertise

Sellers will know to post their sales to Yard Sale Treasure Map because advertisements will tell them that this is where you, the buyers, are looking for sales. All subscription income will go into advertisements. As soon as I have photo submissions working and viewable in the app the advertising will commence.

4. Web spreadsheet to add sale addresses

We need an easier way to copy over addresses and sale data from other places. If you’ve ever used the Community Sale spreadsheet feature, this will look a lot like that.

5. New app feature to post private sales

This is a lower priority than everything above, but private map markers has been on my list for a while and I think this can make sense as a subscription feature. The caveat is there needs to be a scheme to eventually make the addresses available to all users later in the day. After you’ve visited the sale it doesn’t need to be a secret anymore, right? It’s good for everyone involved to make the sale known as early as it makes sense, and I’m still working out what that equation looks like.

6. Team up

In the background I am working to build relationships with relevant businesses to put more quality content on the map. If you are aware of interested businesses have them reach out.

How you can help

This past week people have often asked how they can help.

  1. Add sale addresses to the map! Even a few addresses here and there from Facebook, Craigslist, or wherever else will help keep users engaged and finding treasure.
  2. Resubscribe! All income will go directly into advertising that will create more content in the app and increase awareness for the future.
  3. Tell your friends where to post their yard sale.


Plan items number 4 and 5 (spreadsheet and private sale entries) are being rolled out! Read about it here.

10 Responses

  1. Gerry Zeigler

    Sounds great keep up the good work, I am looking forward to using it.

  2. Anna Ortolano

    So disappointed in Craigslist but that site has been disappointing us for years lately.
    Just joined the reselling community and never got to utilize your site yet but am looking forward to your VERY BRIGHT FUTURE. Will be subscribing and anything we can do to help on our local level, please let us know.
    You should also feature a section that people can access for a couple of bucks to sell items and list sales like that ancient practice called ‘The Classifieds’ cause I sure miss that ‘truth’ publication. Niche, niche, niche. Great luck to ya!
    Oh and maybe if us resellers can get referrals you could offer us a free subscription?!

  3. Todd Burkey

    Am avid user of your app and added one sale this week that I ran across. Quick suggestion. When adding description of a sale allow check boxes to generate bulk of the text, that would be faster and generate more consistent descriptions. Example:
    Sale Type: []garage []estate []neighborhood []moving
    Size: []small [] medium [] large
    Contents: []kid stuff []clothing []tools []antiques []jewelry []kitchenware []furniture []books []movies []electronics []everything
    And so on…and still leave a spot for text. Just a thought.

  4. Linda

    I have NEVER used Craigslist so not a real fan. Tapping in to facebook marketplace is the way to go…

    Excited to see what you come up with!

  5. Linda F.

    Something to consider: Many people have no longer use FB due to their very restrictive policies and censorship.

  6. Wayne

    Have you tried to offer them a payment. I love this app and I would pay more if that was an option. I tried the Craigslist app and hated it.
    Good luck and keep up the good work.

  7. Robin

    Super annoying about Craiglist. I wondered why the yard sale count dropped so drastically! But it looks like you have a great plan. I agree about having a “classified” section similar to Facebook or Nextdoor.

  8. Kayla David

    What if you created a facebook page that allowed users to tag your app and then that could direct them to add their yardsale post to your app.

  9. DT Bringer

    If there was a way we could manually download the addresses from Facebook or Craigslist in one step, then manually upload them to the app, that could really help.

  10. DT Bringer

    Or here’s a thought. What if there was a desktop browser extension that would allow you to add any address to the map. So you visit Craigslist, Facebook, or any other site, it sees an addresss on the page and then you click “Add to Map” in Chrome. Then it syncs to your mobile app and the map is populated with all of your additions. That one’s on the house 😉

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