Yard Sale Heat Map

Yard sale season was a bit delayed this year, but with the relaxing of regional restrictions the sales are finally happening! Over the past few weeks the number of sales has been gradually... READ MORE

App How-to Video 101


Folks sometimes ask if we have a handy how-to video they can share to help friends navigate the app. Now we do! This video walks through the most basic features of the app:... READ MORE

Treasure Hunting Tips

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The Yard Sale Treasure Map app is designed to be flexible so that users have the freedom to get organized however they want.  Here is a list of some tips and techniques to... READ MORE

Keyword Searching

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 Yard Sale Treasure Map provides a number of ways to search for keywords in the yard sale craigslist ads. Keyword Search Keyword Colors Keyword Colors is a useful feature available to subscribers.  This... READ MORE

Creating a Yard Sale Route

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Save time and gas with these amazing free tools at your disposal on your next treasure hunting adventure! The “My Route” feature is one of the most powerful tools in the Yard Sale Treasure Map... READ MORE

The Vision

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The vision for YSTM was to create a web application to improve on the tedious process of yard sale planning.  Paper maps, post-it notes, newspapers, and hours of research seems to be terribly inefficient, especially in larger urban areas where … Continued