Adding Sales… And Sharing Them!

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Up until this point users could add non-craigslist yard sales to their map using the “Add Location” search feature (which can also be used to map other useful stops like coffee or bathroom breaks).  This information would be exclusive to that user’s map.  Well, I have finally gotten around to making a nice update that I am pretty excited about.

Yesterday I added an “Add Sales” tab that will let users quickly and easily add any other yard sales from other sources, and (optionally) share the sale information with other YSTM users!  I’m hoping that this will save everyone time by reducing redundant effort.  If only one person in town adds the extra sale information while making her map, then every other YSTM user will be saved the time and effort.

The “Add Sales” tab is not intended to be used for advertising a sale; I would prefer that folks stick with craigslist for their advertising.  This feature will hopefully be used as a way to bring all of sale information together each week to speed up the route planning process.

As always, if something doesn’t work the way that it should, or if you think I left out some important feature that would make it easier to share sale information, just email or leave a comment and I will see what I can do.

7 Responses

  1. Jennifer

    Just thought I’d say that I’m glad I stumbled across this site and I also shared it with my readers! 🙂

  2. Jo

    I entered some addresses to share one came up wrong i needed to delete it so others will not go to the wrong address it will not let me change or delete something i entered, but i can go change someone elses add but not my own i entered by mistake.
    By the way i love your mapping you will get the bugs out soon.

  3. Myesha

    I am looking to publish information on our Citywide yard sale ( i have an address for each participating location). How can I add these to your listing?

  4. KJ

    This feature is great! One suggestion I have is to let users enter a URL to the original listing, whether Craigslist, a local newspaper classified, or elsewhere. Thanks!

  5. admin

    KJ, that’s a great idea. I will put this on my todo list over the winter.

  6. Dblscup

    How do I ad my ad from Craiglist to your site? HELP please?