What’s Next?

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Now’s the time of the year where I ask everyone to let me know which features work, which do not work so well, and what new feature you would like to see next yard sale season.  Let me know how things are going!

At the least I am hoping to continue to improve the address alerts to let folks know when an address may be suspect.  Many addresses in craigslist ads are either incomplete or not shown correctly on the map, and YSTM does a lot of work behind the scenes to fix this, and then alert you when YSTM sees something wrong, but can’t exactly correct the problem.

What other features are you looking for in a yard sale finding tool?  Let me know!

13 Responses

  1. LC

    I never have luck searching via zip code and a specific day (Wednesday vs. Saturday). I’m not sure if I’m searching incorrectly or my but I enter the zip, select a day, and mileage press search. It brings up sales but never for the day selection I chose. It’s disappointing since I bought the full app but haven’t been able to use it since. What if anything am I doing wrong? Oh and in your info on the App Store you say to email you but do not give an email address.

  2. admin

    Thanks for letting me know. I will apply a fix for this immediately. As a work around you can always toggle back and forth to make sure you have the right day. For instance, after searching your zip, change the day to Thursday, look at the map, then change the day back to Wednesday again and be on your way.

  3. David m.

    Bought $1.99 subscription But it does not work. No zip code, no We’d.,Thur., Fri.
    No extras. I received confirmation that I purchased it from Apple Store on 9-26-14, Apple said to contact you to see about fixing. I’m using iPhone 5 thru Sprint

  4. Uli Smith

    Used to love this app, however, it is not working as it used to. I cannot change the days for the sales anymore nor any of the other options. Very disappointed.

  5. admin

    Hi, the menu appears to not work correctly in iOS 8. You can still change days, but the title may get stuck on “Saturday” or some similar behavior. I have a fix ready that I will be submitting to Apple shortly.

  6. Wini

    Please leave the old map on Yardsaletreasuremap! I don;’t like to plan on my Iphone because it is so small, so I use Iphone to get addresses I want, then add sales to the map on my PC. THis is a headache, but I had about gotten the hang of it, when today THERE IS NO LONGER A MAP SHOWING. (I know something is still there because the flags point to the spot where the address actually is.
    Probably many other of your old patrons are doing the same thing; please leave the Google map up!

  7. admin

    Hi Wini – are you still having a problem accessing the site? You should be able to hit the “Old Site” link at the upper left and be back to the original map.

  8. Charles Hess

    Please allow this application to work with iOS 8.0.2 on iPhone 5s soon. The star feature does not work at all.

  9. Nikki

    Not only a great app, but great service as well. I posted a comment on here about having issues with my subscription, and within a few hours was contacted with a fix! Great app and great service, thank you very much!!!!!!!

  10. Joe

    Garage sale app is not working it drops the pins but when you click on the pins it comes up with a 404 error code

  11. Dee

    Ok. I didn’t like that it changed overnight with no notice to require a subscription. Nevertheless I am willing to pay 1.99. So I did. But the app refuses to acknowledge that I did! Keeps telling me to buy a subscription or sign in. I sign in and it tells me no subscription associated. But I have a receipt that tells me I did! There’s no apparent way to fix this. Going to web site of developer shows no posts newer than 2014 and no way to contact them for support. I am extremely annoyed.

  12. Paul

    I tap the gear, shows all grayed out. Can’t change day or miles on iphone.
    Same problem with fatherinlaw’s iphone.
    Please advise, we use every week, but now can’t.

  13. Wini

    Where is “Old Site”? The form is still there, but there’s no map or pins or anything. I use this every week to add places to the Craigslist items and plan a route on the larger map. Please tell me it’s temporary, not a permanent close down!
    Is this part of the ATT problem? I do have ATT.