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You may have noticed that the homepage no longer shows sales.  Or a map.  Or much else for that matter.  The good news is that Yard Sale Treasure Map has a license agreement in place with craigslist allowing me to display craigslist content in my apps for iOS and Android.  The bad news is that this license does not extend to websites.

And so we lay to rest the website into a place of eternal slumber and we will remember with joy the treasures found through its use.

Goodbye website.

— Edit —–

I wasn’t quite expecting this response.  It’s great to know how useful this site was to you all!

It did not completely occur to me to keep the site but remove the craigslist ads.  I will try to make that work and resurrect the site from the dead.  Thank you for your support.

85 Responses

  1. Alice Semich

    Very upset that I can’t access the site from my computer! Not everyone has a smart phone. And it says I have to have a netflix account to get the app for my ipad, which I don’t use very much. I don’t want netflix and I don’t need it.Not a happy camper here.

  2. admin

    You do not need a netflix account… YSTM is a free download from the app store. Try it! The app is more user friendly than the website was.

  3. vicki

    So frustrated that I am unable to use this app on my laptop. Was able to print out what i needed and go shopping from the print out. Now I can’t . This was the best thing to use for yard sales. Love it .. Now I have to use Mickey mouse ones. Hope you bring it back for us that don’t have smartphones androids etc. Just have down home products nothing fancy.. Now it gone and useless for me

  4. Anonymous

    Another favorite site gone. Don’t have a smart phone so- good bye…

  5. Rebecca

    Well, that sucks. Really have enjoyed this site. Getting info like this from a smart phone – which we don’t have – is so much more difficult visually.

    I always get my yd sale maps from my computer.
    Sad to see you go. Thanks for what you have done.

  6. Jim

    I just yesterday gave this site to a friend. Was great for routing my course from home & so easy to see & maneuver on my laptop. I’ve had the app as well, now if I just had a 17″ android. I’m sad too.

  7. Julie

    I agree, I do not have a smart phone, Not everyone in this world feels the need to have one. It was nice using that sight via internet on my computer. Hope you rethink it.

  8. Sue Weakland

    I am so sad, I loved that website. what is a old gal to do?

  9. Anonymous

    Why do such good ideas have to disappear? So a lot of shoppers are out of luck without this information. Greed & more greed.

  10. Paula

    How awful! Not everyone has a smart phone! This is terrible. Is there another site anyone knows of that I can use that was like this one? This seems a bit unfair to me, as many of us are not well off enough to have the smart phones (i.e. which explains why we frequent yard sales to begin with!) Very bummed. 🙁

  11. Linda

    I am so disappointed. I relied on this site and enjoyed checking it frequently. Is there another site like this out there? I wish you would reinstate the site

  12. Jerry

    Do not have a smart phone. You might want to consider publishing with a slight subscription fee.

  13. JJ

    Bummer – I too do not have a smartphone – mapped it all out on my laptop. Hate to go back to following signs around the neighborhood. So for all you who post on craigslist, suggest that you give good directions. ByeBye YSTM.

  14. Anonymous

    I do not have a smart phone. I am very disappointed that this site is no longer available. I used to recommend it, now I can’t. This change is not helpful! 🙁

  15. KIm

    I loved the website, very bummed – I don’t have smartphone

  16. bejay

    I cannot afford a smartphone, one of the reasons I shop at yard sales!!

  17. Kathy

    There is another site called YARDSALESEARCH.COM (not as good but will have to do). I will miss this site though because I do not have a smart phone.

  18. vicki mcfarland

    You’re leaving us dumb phone people in the dust–good bye.

  19. Elaine

    Do not have a smart phone and will not go out and buy one just to get this site. Will get the info elsewhere. Hope you greedy people are happy that you’re pissing people off.

  20. Rebecca

    Write to Craigslist and complain. I did. This is discriminatory & just plain sucks.
    Tell them to allow website use !

  21. frances belcher

    I have been using your Treasure map since yoiu were on the net work I look forward to search the map, I DO Not have any means to pi ck up the map anyway it is not fair to the people that are unable to search with you

  22. Peter Brown

    Very disappointed. This does not make sense! Craigslist only shows a small portion of the yardsales available since many people do not use Craigslist to advertise them. The previous option of adding sales to the computer website provided so much flexibility and was a dream for professional yardsalers like me! You made a big mistake. I will have to go back to my old method of using Microsoft Streets and Maps to map out my sales.

  23. linda

    google “southgate ” or whatever city “garage sale”. There are some fair websites on the list.

  24. J Gately

    I also do not have a smartphone and am very disappointed.

  25. Inge

    Very sorry to not be able to use Treasure Map 🙁

  26. Paula

    It’s a matter of money. It always is. Why not charge a small subscription fee? I would pay it and I’m sure many of us would, if you didn’t get overly greedy. A few bucks a person really adds up on a monthly basis, and wouldn’t leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. This really is discriminatory against anyone who cannot afford a “smart” phone. Please consider charging a monthly fee to access the information we all want and need.

  27. Anonymous

    That sucks!! Did it occur to you that not EVERYONE has a device that takes apps?

  28. Sara

    So I just started using the map because no one in my area posted their yard sales on here and I went thru the papers and posted all of them using my computer, because it was much easier to type them all. I will not be posting them with my smartphone, that’s way too much trouble. I even gave it a try starting with a few addresses and no even one of the addresses came up valid. so now I don’t think I can even use the app on my phone at all. So I’m wondering how you guys expect smartphone users to us this app. ??? Way to go!

  29. Anonymous

    i have a smart phone and i think taking it off the net REALLY SUCKS

  30. Rebecca

    If we could afford a smart phone we might not need to buy other people’s cast offs at garage sales. But where there is a will there is a way, and I and my fellow less than affluent garage-sailers will soldier on in our quest for bargains with or without the Craigslist Treasure Map. Thanks to those who gave alternate garage sale finding methods! We are here to help each other. The Treasure Map was a wonderful resource while it lasted.

  31. BeerHound

    In addition to YARDSALESEARCH.COM, mentioned above by Kathy, there is also GSALR.COM. But YSTM was the first garage sale site that I ever used and, as a avid (some might say rabid) garage sale shopper, I am really going to miss this service. Thank you for guiding me to so many bargains over the years. Good luck and all the best in the future.

  32. Rebecca

    Thanks BeerHound!
    When a person is an avid Garage Sailer losing YSTM is just a little inconvenience. I already found more sales than I can ever hope to attend by using the alternate sites given! Good luck to my fellow garage sailers!

  33. Joel

    I use the Android app and I love it, but I prefer to use the site the night before a sale day. That way I can easily look at and sort through 100s of sales, build my route, add in sales from my local paper, print out my list, and in the morning I’m good to go. Very sad to see the site go down. It really is a treasure in and of itself!

  34. Heather

    I also want to thank you for this site and am so, so sad that it is going away. I loved planning my route on the computer and then using my phone to navigate.

    Is the issue with licensing the cost of licensing the use of Craigslist content on the website, or that they won’t allow it? If cost is the issue you should consider either charging a small fee to users (which might be too much trouble for you) OR doing a Kick-starter campaign to raise the funds. I love this site and even though I’m a frugal garage sale shopper I would gladly donate to keep it alive!

  35. Tim

    Oh man…..really? Hell, I’d pay a yearly fee if you bring back the ads for the website for a PC ? I also don’t have a smart phone and plan on never having one.

    Would that help if we paid for that?

  36. Maggie

    Sorry to see such a great and useful website bite the dust!!
    Hopefully it can be brought back for all of us who don’t like smart phones!!!

  37. Andrew

    I just want to say that my friend and I love and use this app alot!

    I just want to support you continuing to keep the great app alive. We use the app more and we are still happy without the site.

    Also, the recent updates to the app with keywords is awesome.

    Keep up the good work!


  38. LYNNE


  39. LYNNE

    CAN YOU PLEASE POST THE APPROXIMATE DATE OF THE RETURN OF I tried some of the other websites posted………..and they don’t even compare!!!!!!! Wow………you don’t miss your water until the well runs dry!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please start the water again SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU BUNCHES~ 🙂 PS – I have only a VERY BASIC phone…………so I couldn’t use the APP if I wanted to!

  40. Paula

    What good is the site WITHOUT the craigslist ads ???????? We need the Craigslist ads, especially! It was so convenient to have them all in one place. This really sucks! Please, consider charging a small (seriously) fee so we can still use this site as it was last week!!!

  41. Vanessa

    Very sad about this. Since the route saving tools have been broken since last summer I have been using the Web site to locate sales and make a list to email myself, then using the app when i am out and about to see if there are any new sales added near where i currently am. Since the Web site cant be utilized anymore, how about making the Save My Route work on the app?

  42. Sam

    This does suck. I’m trying to use the smartphone app to print out my route, but since the site is down I can’t sync my iPhone route with my computer and print out anything. Really really sucks.

  43. Carolyn

    Will miss the website very much. No smartphone and too small anyway to see the best way to plot out the morning sales. Enjoyed plotting out my hunting, checking proximity on the map. Would love to have it brought back.

  44. Kelly

    I use the app on my smart phone but it isn’t the best of phones and really miss being able to check everything out the night before on my computer than use the app while I am out and about. 🙁

  45. Jacob

    I love your app, but it’s not very useful for me anymore. Kijiji has taken lead over Craigslist in Canada, so most of the garage sales around here don’t appear on it anymore.

    I used it for two years, enjoying driving around on Saturdays in spring, but right now it only shows one sale within 10km of me, and I know there’s a whole lot more than that.

  46. Ruth

    I am really upset that I can no longer use your website for finding my yard sales! I have used Yard Sale Treasure Map for years, even when I lived up in Michigan. The only thing I have to use is my laptop and you take that away from me! …and to think, I have been working on promoting Yard Sale Treasure Map locally here in the Amarillo area. For the last couple of years, I have been promoting this site to the local news channels to get the word out about how great a service this is….and it’s working…but now nobody can use it on their laptops or computers?!?!?! You’re cutting your own throat!

  47. Greg VA

    This was a link in the left column of my blog for 4 years. Hate to see it go, I had some amazing finds because of it. I will try the android app. Hope you can resurrect it.