Goodbye Website

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You may have noticed that the homepage no longer shows sales.  Or a map.  Or much else for that matter.  The good news is that Yard Sale Treasure Map has a license agreement in place with craigslist allowing me to display craigslist content in my apps for iOS and Android.  The bad news is that this license does not extend to websites.

And so we lay to rest the website into a place of eternal slumber and we will remember with joy the treasures found through its use.

Goodbye website.

— Edit —–

I wasn’t quite expecting this response.  It’s great to know how useful this site was to you all!

It did not completely occur to me to keep the site but remove the craigslist ads.  I will try to make that work and resurrect the site from the dead.  Thank you for your support.

85 Responses

  1. Janet

    This is very, very sad!! I have a smart phone but I prefer to use my computer… even if I have to go to craigslist myself and put the ones in that I want to go to would be wonderful. I usually did that a lot myself anyway. Please bring it back!! Thank you!

  2. Eve

    Phew so glad it will still work on my Iphone. I would be lost without this app. It saves so much time and helps people find and sell things. Thank you

  3. Mel

    Thank you so much for leaving the website. I use this all the time to update sales and create my route. I have promoted this site for a few years on my blog and am so sorry to hear about the Craigslist issue.

  4. Krisi

    So glad you were able to figure out how to keep the site even without the craigslist integration. I LOVE the site and use it for a few things.

  5. Joe

    Are there any options for the site? Could it become a pay service? How about some kind of partnership with craigslist that would require a craigslist account? I have always used the site by pasting my local papers adds into it and creating a route with both the paper ads and the CL adds. I am aware I can stll do that with the app, but prefer to use the website because I can print it, and its a bit easier to use.

  6. Brandon

    Used the site for over 3 years now. This site was awesome! I hope it makes a come back soon!!!! Craigslist should be paying YOU!

  7. jonny

    only in America does the most useful and logical thing get squashed. Craigslist is free to use, no ads – what are they losing from this enhancement? You can sell sex on Craigslist (explicitly), but make an extension that REALLY helps and you are doomed. Thanks a lot, Craig!

  8. Dan B

    Wow, Saturday morning.. cup of coffee in hand. trying to find an escape from all the projects and things I have to do. Even for a little bit. Opened the website that I have been coming to and talking with friends about for a long time to find it was no longer.. Glad there is an option wiht the app… Thanks for your hard work on this site and the apps, know that it is appreciated!

  9. J Gately

    No smart phone, no plans to get one. Will miss this site and waiting for its return!

  10. Troy Kleasner

    I will miss this web site a lot! Please let me know if you get it started again! Thank you!

  11. gaile

    I’ve been using the website for 5+ years now! Yes, please resurrect it somehow!!

  12. Ann

    This is so sad! The site made it so easy to pick which sales I wanted to go and put them in order. Thank you for all your work keeping it up over the years.

  13. adrienne

    how sad! can we contact craigslist and beg for it??

  14. Twila

    This sure made it easier for us to include yard sale-ing with our errand-running before we headed out the door. Very sad indeed it’s no longer available for those of us without a smartphone.

  15. Pam

    Uhm so are you saying you will still have the app. or is it down completely. I always go and put in all the yardsales in our area. and if not it is a huge bummer cause I loved this website. or app

  16. Trisha

    I really miss we are lost without it … Please try to get it back for us!!!! Please !!!! Trisha, Barbara, and Deanna…

  17. Jason

    On the go with kids in the car going garage saling…it’s a no-go on the cell phone to be able to use and manage kids and phone typing. I’d come here with a cup of coffee and make my ‘war-list’ for salin’. Oh well, it was good while it lasted.

  18. JoAnn

    How will I ever get my community kick it event going without your map? Why do things that work go away. Very sad

  19. Michael

    This was the best website! 🙁 Rest in Peace.

  20. mary


  21. khalid

    Do you have an app for windows phones? Can you set one up?

  22. Cheryl

    So sad! This website has been a fantastic tool! I do not own a smartphone so this does not make me happy. 🙁

  23. Den

    This app is not compatible with my android device. Wish it was as I used this web page all the time.

  24. Larry

    You have apps for iOS and Android-how about getting an app for Windows phone?

  25. Mike

    After much searching I found will do many of the features I used on here. You have to manually add each sale and manually place them in order by moving them up and down your list. I printed out the route for 23 sales for tomorrow on 4 sheets of paper. Yardsaletreasures was the best.

  26. Jen

    Then why am I now being charged a yearly subscription fee?

  27. admin

    The transition was necessary to abide by the craigslist license terms.

  28. Justin

    Please email me:

    This app has stopped working on my phone but works fine on my ipad. The phone version constantly says there’s no sales nearby

  29. pam

    Would not find any thing. On Saturdays but would find on on other days.
    Even on WiFi and cellular
    So I updated to new version. Now still cannot find any on Saturdays,
    But wants me to pa to subcribe.
    Will not look at other days unless you pay.

  30. Sharron

    My version of your link is no longer working….and as I read through your comments I see you had to make some changes. I luv it and have been using it for 3-4 yrs. Is there a version now I can use it on my laptop? I don’t care about Craigslist – I just want to enter my local sales, put them in order and get a printout.

  31. admin

    Hi Sharron – are you still having a problem accessing the site? You should be able to hit the “Old Site” link at the upper left and be back to the original map.