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It was a rocky deployment that cost me half a star in my app rating, but the YSTM Android app updates are finally complete and I think it was worth it!

  • Updated the mapping engine (now with rotation and tilt gestures for 3d views)
  • Improved the location search feature
  • Improved map refreshing capability to load new sales when you scroll too far away from your home location
  • Added a new alerts feature to let you know when sale markers are incorrect and let other users know if you find a problem
  • Improved the look and feel of the map menu and the sale info page
  • App will now rotate orientation

android screen shot

A small amount of users are still getting a “package signing” error when downloading from Google Play.  This is a Google problem that I am looking into and will hopefully be resolved the next time there is a Google software update.  On the whole app seems to be solid.

For the next major app improvements I plan on waiting until after yard sale season to release any updates.  If you are interested in getting these updates sooner shoot me an email.  I just need to add you to a google+ group and then you will receive Beta updates through Google Play.  These users will also have more influence on future features… nudge nudge.

The next step is to do these same things to the iOS app hopefully later this month.

2 Responses

  1. Mark

    Any news on when well can expect Kijiji ads to show up in search in the app?

  2. Kial

    app no longer works for Saturday. works for other days even when used on Saturday and choosing other days
    same for wifi and call service. stopped working 2 weeks ago