AT&T Not Playing Nice?

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Over the past two weeks I have been receiving reports from iPhone users on AT&Ts network that sales are not loading on their map.  I have begun investigating this problem and it appears that AT&T is blocking the communication path for some reason.  While I run this to ground, if you are experiencing this problem please comment below so that I can keep track of who is affected.

— EDIT —

This morning I submitted an update to Apple which I hope will fix this problem.  I don’t know for certain, however, since the problem is so isolated that I can’t test correctly.  It appears that SOME AT&T networks are modifying the sales response from the server WITHOUT showing any sort of network error.  Also this seems to only happen in places that are very busy with yard sales.  Basically, iOS + AT&T + busy yard sale area = risk of your app not working.

My thinking is that the sudden spike in server traffic is flagging something in a firewall somewhere.  I have also pushed the issue up to Apple to investigate.  Once you receive the new app update please let me know the status of the issue.

— EDIT —

09/11/14 – With the latest app update this issue appears to be resolved.  Please let me know if you are still having issues!

37 Responses

  1. JC

    I have an iPhone 5S on AT&T and Yardsale Treasure Map App no longer works for the last couple of weeks.

  2. Gordon

    YSTM will not load sale location data via AT&T cellular. Houston, TX area. B

  3. Don

    I’ve been using Yard Sale treasure map for a year and it has been great. I use it every weekend. Today, I noticed that it would not update over the LTE & 4G networks. WTF? It only works over WIFI. That makes this app just about useless since we do not have WIFI everywhere through out the cities. This spoiled my day of garage sale shopping and made me realize how reliant I had become on using this feature with YSTM. Is this a temporary thing or is YSTM dead? I hope I don’t have to go back to printing out a list of paper of craigslist searches the night before. YSTM has saved me so much time and its much safer driving around getting voice navigation directions instead of looking down reading maps.

  4. Jessica

    I have AT&T and I have been experiencing this for about the past week. It seems as though it will load all sales on WiFi but shows no sales when not on WiFi. I love the app and hope this can be resolved quickly.

  5. Christy

    Hi I am also having problems for the past couple of weeks..I have an iPhone 5s and have AT&T. This app is awesome, I use it a lot and have been lost without it the past few weeks! I hope it gets resolved!

  6. Phteven

    I have AT&T and sales show up with WIFI but not data. So it is worthless when I’m trying to use it. Thanks for looking into it. Also on your app you encourage emails but your email cannot be found anywhere.

  7. Don

    I guess it’s not quite as bad as I described on Saturday 8-23-14 but it’s still not back to normal. When I went out on Sunday 8-24-14, I was able to map and “star” my route in advance when I was at home on WIFI and my iPad seemed to save that information for when I was driving around using the AT&T LTE and 4G networks. There was one period when I was up in the hills with poor cell coverage that it seemed to have lost everything that I had saved at home but once I got back to the town out of the poor cellular coverage area, the sites that I saved magically reappeared. The problem is that iPad would not load any new sites if I was not on WIFI.
    I decided to bring my Samsung S5 and it worked fine with YTSM updating on the AT&T cellular networks. Is this a problem with AT&T not playing well with Apple? I prefer to use YTSM on my iPad instead of my Samsung S5 but at least I still have a solution for now. I hope this can be fixed. I hate change and inconsistency. 🙂

  8. Christy

    Do you have an estimated date when this will get resolved?

  9. admin

    I submitted an update this morning with a fix for my best guess at what the problem is. No guarantee that it will work, but the update should be available sometime next week.

  10. Brad

    Hasn’t been working the last few weeks. Very disappointed.

  11. Teresa

    I also have an AT&T account. I am presently connected to wifi. I thought by paying for the “subscription” that it would solve the problem…it didn’t. I can’t select ANYTHING on the flyout menu, i.e. Friday sales. It will only show Saturday sales. Will your update fix this problem?

  12. Andy G

    I have noticed this problem for over a month now. I love this app and this problem has really put a dampner on my Saturday mornings. As soon as I leave home (wifi) it will track me but wont find any sales. Ive tried stopping by a starbucks for wifi but no luck. I also have 5s with ATT and been a subscriber for years. Ventura Ca.

  13. Charlie R

    Ditto to almost all comments already posted. This weekend, added/edited sales and planned my route. When out in the field, opened the app and it was BLANK. Ran back home to confirm that I had uploaded my info. ALL was there! Back in the field – opened the app – BLANK. It appears when I am near my computer the information is available on the iPhone. When I get away from the computer the data disappears. Very difficult weekend because of this failure.

  14. Susan

    Same problem here and yes I too have AT &T. I was so mad for the second Saturday running, that I deleted the app today. How do I get it back now that we know there might be a fix? There is no place on this for me to re-upload.

  15. Michelle

    I am an AT&T subscriber and yard sales haven’t been showing up for at least two weeks, both on ipad and iPhone.

  16. Brittany

    Mine hasn’t been working for a month or more. Same issue. AT&T iPhone 5, in the Houston, TX area. I can favorite them at home with wifi and they stick. I hope y’all find a fix for it soon!

  17. Dee

    Not working here for several weeks–central Connecticut area. Shows nothing! Devastating.

  18. Harold

    Can not access using AT&T for some reason.
    This is a problem in Memphis Tennessee .
    Guess I will have to do it the old way. AT&T has screwed me up once again.
    May be time to change carriers. Good thing my contract is up.

  19. Andy G

    To Everyone: Here’s what I’ve been having to do: Before I leave home, I take screen shots of the map areas I’m going to go to. On an Iphone- you hold the home and power buttons at the same time and you have a pic of your map. At least you have the red markers to show where to go. Good luck and don’t park rudely

  20. Zack

    I have a iPhone 4S on AT&T and app has showed no data this week.

  21. Lala

    My husband and I both have AT&T ( separate accounts). The app on his phone is working, mine is not. Can’t understand that. I’m an addict of this app so please hurry. Central California area. Thanks

  22. Joe

    This app is not working, was told to reinstall , after reinstall it wanted to charge me and then I paid it and it’s still not working WTF!!!! Not a single g sale is listed

  23. Susan G

    so sad my app no longer works. I have Att. I have been using this app every weekend for ages.

  24. admin

    Lala – your phone is connecting to AT&T through a different path than your husbands. Unfortunately this can change at any time. Hopefully apple approves my app update soon.

  25. TV

    So sad, yard sales have not worked for two weeks. I eve tried posting my yard sale, and it didn’t even show up. No wonder, attendance was low. Might have to consider changing yo Verizon just to use app.

  26. RitA

    Mine is not working. It loads around 7am and then the next time I check it it says no sales in your area. This does not seem to happen w iPad but only w phone. iPhone 5 att

  27. Joe

    I have AT&T and still today 9-12-2014after updating the app it still says no sales found even from a 30 mile radius

  28. Juli

    It’s not showing Saturday sales! It was earlier today and now it just stopped. Can you fix so that I can go to sales tomorrow please? I love this app!

  29. Lynsey

    Hi! Just downloaded your app onto my iphone 5c and its not loading any garage sales in the area. Im on the Verizon network. My husband and I loved your app for our weekend hunts but both of ours stopped working. Please help! Thanks!

  30. Dave

    The app works during the week but for the last 2 Saturdays it says no sales in my area

  31. Dana

    Our app on the Iphone through Verizon is also not working.
    Bummer , as we love your app!

  32. Dave

    Works during the week, but once Saturday comes it shuts down and says no sales….

  33. admin

    Dave – really sorry about this problem. Had it confused with the AT&T problem, but it was not. Saturdays will work for you now.