Server Problem

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The Yard Sale apps are currently experiencing an outage.

6/30/17 3:39PM EST Outage update: the iOS and Android apps are both updated that work around the server problem. Please download the latest update to get back on your treasure hunt!

6/29/17 6:48PM EST Outage update: the short story is that during efforts to increase the app responsiveness on Saturday mornings we attempted to update the server and it didn’t go well. To work around the problem I have posted temporary updates to both apps. The Android version will be available almost immediately. The iOS version will be available… whenever Apple approves the update… hopefully by tomorrow, but it could take as long as three or four days.

The longer story is that the security certificate we use was… misplaced… by our server provider. To temporarily get around this the app updates remove this security layer so technically anyone watching your network traffic could find the location of your last yard sale search. If this is a concern we recommend you wait a week for a follow on update, which will add back in the security as well as get everyone on a bigger, badder, and faster server.

We apologize again for the disruption!